At The Wag, we offer an alternative to the popular all-day or half-day grooming salons. At many grooming shops, dogs are left for 4-8 hours. This is a long time for any dog to be in a stressed state, but can be especially harmful for puppies, seniors, those with health problems, or rescue dogs that have various social and behavioral issues.

At The Wag, each dog is booked one at a time with their own groomer, reducing the appointment time to about 1-2 hours depending on size of dog, coat type, coat condition and behavior. Not only do we aim to create a holistic, stress-free environment for your pet, but also we try to provide a wide variety of dog grooming services for our clients. If you do not see the treatment you are looking for in the list provided, call us at 403-919-4613 and talk to one of our groomers. We’d love to help!

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Handstripping is the process of removing soft undercoat from particular breeds by hand with the aid of a stripping knife and / or stone. This way of grooming preserves the correct coat type on those breeds with a coarser top coat. This process not only requires a great deal of skill and know-how, but is very time consuming which is why it has become less common in most grooming salons. However, this is a service that we provide at The Wag.

Breeds that can be stripped include terriers such as Westies, Scotties, Welsh Terriers, Lakelands, Schnauzers, Border Terriers, Cairn and Airedale terriers. Sporting breeds that can also be stripped include all Setters, Cocker Spaniels, Brittany Spaniels, Springer Spaniels, and Clumbers.

Note: in some cases, prior clipper grooming of your dog may have damaged the top coat. This damage can be irreversible, making it no longer possible for the coat to be hand-stripped.

Nail Trimming

Toenails are often forgotten and can easily get out of hand. Inside a dog’s toenail is a “quick,” just like under our own fingernails. The quick grows with a dogs toe nail and the longer the nails go untrimmed the longer the quick gets. If the quick is cut the nail will bleed and it does hurt, just like if you were to break your nail behind your own quick.

Don’t forget to get your dog de-clawed! It’s not recommended to use a dremel on these. If you are not comfortable doing your dog’s nails, please visit us or your preferred groomer. Nails should be done every 2-4 weeks.

Nail Trims (Dremel or Clippers)

Most dogs are not particularly fond of having their nails trimmed, so we try to make the experience as relaxing and quick as possible to avoid stress or injury. We allow your dog to position themselves to a state of being that is natural and comfortable for them. The more comfortable that your pet is, the less stressful the experience will be.

Bath and Tidy

We bathe your pet with a relaxing scrub to rid the dirt and debris hidden deep in the fur. Your dog is then hand dried with untidy hair around the eyes, feet, and sanitary areas trimmed followed by nail clipping and ear cleaning/plucking (if required).

Full Groom

Our full groom package includes nail trims, bath and tidy, and a full hair clipping of your choice to suit your dog’s health, lifestyle and breed. Whether you need to get your dog ready for a fancy photo shoot, or just a romp in the park, we’ll do the job!

Special Requests

Here at The Wag, we handle all types of special requests — from age or health-related requests, to grooming requests such as handstripping or a Mohawk cut!